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Welcome to Rooney's Public House, the Gastropub. Born in 1997, Rooney's started on Clematis street. It quickly became the place to go for people looking for great food, great drinks and great atmosphere. Following it's huge success, Marriott was quick to offer us a spot in the airport, allowing us to open our second pub, another great place to go. When Abacoa first announced their concept, we were excited to be a part of something great, and with that Rooney's opened its doors in Abacoa in 1999, once again pleasing the most discerning of customers. 

Like all great pubs, we continue to evolve with the times. We strive to bring our customers what they are looking for, and we pride ourselves with being at the forefront of what is current. 

We invite you to experience the Gastropub. While our vast array of premium spirits, including Rooney's Ale and Lager, craft beers and old favorites such as Guinness remain the same; we have taken our food and wine offerings to the next level. We continue to offer our signature dishes, such as Fish and Chips and Shepherd's Pie, but we also are creating your new favorites. Our focus is on quality and value. We source as many local ingredients as possible. We work with local family owned companies. We work with local farmers to obtain the best local ingredients. We bring in fresh line caught fish as much as possible. Organic ingredients are featured. We provide vegetarian options and more health conscious options. We serve fresh juice, not only with your food, but also with your cocktails. 

Our newest introduction is something we are very proud of. We offer the highest possible quality of beef which we source from 7X Ranch in Colorado. It is a super premium beef and is not available in many places, we are currently the only place to find it in Florida. 

We are also proud to serve teas by Tea's Etc., in West Palm Beach, and coffee by Oceana in Tequesta. 

Rest assured we are still Rooney's. You will still feel at home when you come in, whether you've visited in the past or its your first time, and come football season, we are still your Steelers Headquarters. We may evolve, but we will never abandon our roots. 



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